Brazil’s GUARANI to Replace EE-11 URUTU Armored Vehicles by 2015

VBTP-MR650One of the advancing presentations at Brazil’s LAAD presentation opening today is the GUARANI activity new VBTP-MR, a battle armored vehicle at full suggested weight (GVW) of 18-20 ton, supporting land and/or water capable limit up to 17.5 tonnes. It will be controlled by a FPT diesel motor coupled to a programmed gearbox, and is outlined to convey a team of 10 descent in addition to the driver. The vehicle is planned to fit into a C-130 Hercules or pending Brazilian KC-390 transport air ship.

The Brazilian Army has as of recently accepted over 86 VBTP-MR GUARANI 6×6 APCs outfitted with remote weapon station under the URUTU-3 modernisation programme to displace their EE-11 URUTU by 2015. The Brazilian Army plans to accept supplemental 2,044 units of the VBTP-MR GUARANI 6×6 APCs by 2030. Infrastructure and assembling of the VBTP-MR is almost always did together by the Brazilian Army, through the task Mobility Strategy and the DCT – Department of Science and Technology and Iveco.

VBTP-MR might be fitted with a mixed bag of remote-regulated weapon stations for extra firepower, the model chose by the Brazilian Army is Elbit Systems’ ORCWS UT-30BR, mounting a 30mm gun with procurements to convey supplemental hostile to tank rockets. Standard UT-30BR weapon is a 30mm cannon, 7.62mm co-hub automatic rifle, and smoke projectiles, on top of a surrounding administrator’s sight and a laser warner. Elbit System’s Brazilian subsidiary Ares Aeroespacial e Defensa announced in October 2012 a $25 million contract to supply its stabilised REMAX remote weapon stations to the Brazilian Army. This is the first handling request, and conveyances will be produced from 2012-2014. REMAX was composed to be part of the VBTP programme, and appears to be characterised by a basic and simple to support plan. The RCWS has as of recently finished testing, and can likewise be mounted on different vehicles.


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